What is a Sauna?

A sauna, the centuries old "Bath from Finland," is the body's natural way to cleanse itself through perspiration.
A sauna is the only bath in existence where dry heat and humidity come together as one, thereby promoting a deep, rich cleansing of the pores. The pores open due to the combination of high heat and low humidity, promoting profuse perspiration, which flushes out the body's impurities, including nicotine from a smoker's body.

An Investment to a Better Way of Life

For the Finns, Saunas have been a way of life for more than 2000 years. In fact, the Finns often build their Saunas first before completing any other part of their home! Saunas were first introduced to America about 350 years ago, and continue to become a vital way of life for millions of Americans.

What are the benefits of a Sauna?

The benefits of using a sauna are plentiful indeed. Here are just some of the many reasons to use a sauna:

  • Relieves stress, tension, and overall mental fatigue
  • Soothes and relaxes tired muscles
  • Helps condition heart by providing a cardiovascular workout
  • Increases metabolic rate and improves circulation
  • Helps to relieve arthritic pain
  • Promotes healing and releases two of the body's natural painkillers, beta-endorphins and norepinephrines
  • Increases resistance to illness & keeps illnesses from worsening
  • Burns as many calories as one would by running 2 to 3 miles (roughly 300 calories)
  • Helps maintain clear, healthy skin and assists in healing skin ailments, such as acne and psoriasis
  • Relieves bothersome allergies and sinus congestion
  • Helps with relief of Lupus Disease and kidney problems
  • Reduces pain associated with sunburn.
  • Aids insomniacs by promoting deep, restful sleep
  • Sweats out body toxins and poisons
  • Aids in weight loss when combined with exercise and a healthy diet
  • Soothes after a long workout
  • Promotes an awesome feeling of well being and a total body experience that no other bath can duplicate
  • Provided year round enjoyment and quality time with family or friends
  • Requires little maintenance and adds luxury and value to your home

Saunas are a perfect end to a stressful day. They relax, rejuvenate, and inspire the mind and body.

Please contact us so we can share the many benefits of owning a sauna at your home or business. As a full service company we offer pre-site visits for customers located in Connecticut ( CT ), Massachusetts ( MA ) and Rhode Island ( RI ) at no cost.